marți, 30 august 2016

My experience with software solution

I have to be honest and tell everyone that I am not the type of person that likes computers or the technical aspects of life - I don't get along very well with technology, with the smartphones, with the smart watches or smart TV sets.

In fact... I think that we would live a way better live with a more cleaner air and by taking care of the nature, while in fact we are destroying it.

Also... I am not a big fan of software in general, as each product has a couple of unique characteristics, each software should be learned and you will need to put a lot of effort in this.
So.. you can imagine how happy I was this years, when each company started pushing  more and more the use of technology, computers, smartphones and so on.

And of course I had to adapt myself to the world of software, I had th be able to use all those solutions that are editing pictures (due to the fact that in fac I am a sales person) - and the most interesting thing that happened was related to the fact that I was named responsible with the integration and adoption of a Virtual Tour Software solution for our company.

So I was very intrigued by this thing, by the fact that I was needing to implement and in fact to choose a software solution, although I don't like them.

But in the end I have to tell everyone that I am very proud of myself, as I have chosed the best virtual tour solution that there is out there, in the internet - and this is Tour Wizard.

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